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real newbie question

Sorry for the newbieness. This is probably a piece of cake for you folks.
I have a set of Brillouin zone data. That is, there's a kx, ky, and a kz followed by an energy value. How can I select particular directions in the Brillouin zone out of this data and make a 2D plot of it. A k value followed by an energy value. For instance, say I want to plot along the kx axis. I would need to select all kx values such that ky and kz were zero and grab the matching energy value for the kx value. Or if I wanted to plot along a (110) direction, I would need to grab all kx=ky values with kz=0, along with the corresponding energy. Get my drift?
Once I have the data I do know how to plot it (not that much of a newbie) :)
Eagle Eye

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