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Re: Forcing surds into the numerator

Thanks to everyone who has answered this post - perhaps Wolfram may, at some 
stage, include a SurdForm routine in either the kernel or a package.

Best wishes


"Tony King" <mathstutoring at> wrote in message 
news:dtp5pv$eq8$1 at
> Does anyone know how I can force Mathematica to display surds in the
> numerator of an expression, or a function that can be applied to do the 
> job?
> For example, FullSimplify[1/(3+Sqrt[2])] returns itself and not 1/7
> (3-root2)
> Similarly, Sin[Pi/12] returns (-1+root3)/(2root2) and not 1/4 
> (root6-root2)
> Many thanks
> Tony

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