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Re: Getting Mathematica CellTags to export to TeX?

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  • Subject: [mg67154] Re: Getting Mathematica CellTags to export to TeX?
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  • Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2006 02:17:02 -0400 (EDT)
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Here is one possible way. The essential idea is to turn the CellTags
information into Text cells.

Let us suppose I have the following notebook with a title and  two
entries with CellTags

      Cell[My Title, Title, TextAlignment -> Center, TextJustification
-> 0],
            Cell[Plateau's Problem, Text, CellTags -> {mytag:
            Zero Mean  Curvature, mytag:Capillarity}],
            Equation, Text, CellTags -> {mytag:Two-Dimensional,
             mytag:Finite Element
              Method, mytag:Capillarity}]}, Open]]}, FrontEndVersion ->

                5.2 for Macintosh, ScreenRectangle -> {{0,
          1280}, {0,
            964}}, WindowToolbars -> EditBar, WindowSize -> {764, 761},

            WindowMargins -> {{
              Automatic, 252}, {70, Automatic}}, CellLabelAutoDelete ->

I Use Save=>Save As Special=>Notebook Expression

and  I save it as myTest.m

Then I open up a new notebook

and import that notebook expression using

data = Import["/Users/brian/Desktop/myTest.m"]

Now I use a rule to change the cell structure of the notebook using

data2 = data /.
  Cell[X_String, "
    Text", CellTags -> List[x__]] :> Sequence[Cell[RowBox[{x}], "Text",

          TextAlignment -> Left], Cell[X, "Text"]]

Then I creat a new notebook using


which I can then save as TeX file. The CellTags entries will now be
visible. There are more ways to embelish the CellTags by using an
approppriate cell structure.

Hope this helps or at least gives you some ideas,



W. Craig Carter wrote:
> Hello,
> I have very many notebooks that I have
> indexed carefully with CellTags.
> I'd like to export all of them to LaTeX and
> then use the CellTags to create index
> entries.
> *Any* solution, however kludgy, will save me
> lots of time.  And would be geatly
> appreciated.
> I simply want to have each celltag be printed
> as text near its cell in the latex
> conversion. E.g.,
> Cell["Plateau's Problem", "Text",
> CellTags->{"mytag:Zero Mean
> Curvature","mytag:Capillarity"}]
> Should get mapped to something like:
> ----
> mytag:Zero Mean Curvature
> mytag:Capillarity
> Plateau's Problem
> --------
> in the TeX conversion.
> W. Craig Carter

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