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Re: Re: SetAccuracy formatting question

If one wants to print a number with two digits to the right
of the decimal point, try



Using ExponentFunction to get around the 0. 10^-n  output is mixing
two different notations.
SetAccuracy generates a zero with 3 digits accuracy, but the default
format for printing such a thing is to say it is approximately zero
in the 3rd digit.


0. 10

The internal form of the above output cell is (value first, then the
printed form):

\>", "\<\
0. 10\
\>"], "Output",

Bruce Miller
Technical Support
Wolfram Research, Inc.
support at

On Jun 18, 2006, at 11:01 PM, Chris Chiasson wrote:

> From reading the help file, it appears the NumberForm function is not
> obeying it's help browser description. Normally, setting the
> ExponentFunction option of NumberForm to Function[Null] makes it print
> every number without scientific notation. That does not work on your
> number. I suggest filing a bug report.
> On 6/18/06, kalymereau at <kalymereau at> wrote:
>> Hi Group
>> With SetAccuracy[0.5,3] I get 0.50, which is what I want
>> However with SetAccuracy[0.001,3] I get 0 x 10^-3, whereas I would 
>> like
>> to get 0.00
>> How to force the result I want ?
>> Thanks !
> -- 

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