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Trouble with tables

Hi there,
I'm having a little trouble with the function "Table". Using:

t1 = Table[{x[1, 1], x[1, 2], y}, {x[1, 1], 1, 3}, {x[1, 2], 1, 3}]

the variables x[1,1] and x[1,2] assume the values 1, 2 and 3, that's fine.
Now I want to automatically generate the argument of the function Table above
and then evaluate it. I tried the following program:

ni = 1; nj = 2;
a = Flatten[Table[x[i, j], {i, 1, ni}, {j, 1, nj}]]; d = Dimensions[a][[1]];
b = {}; Do[b = Append[b, {a[[i]], 1, 3}], {i, 1, d}];
t2 = Table[Join[{Append[a, y]}, b]];

and I got a result (t2) which is different from t1. Why?


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