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MathML of input expression

How can I get Mathematica to generate the Presentation 
MathML of the input expression rather than of the output
In[10]:= â?«x dx (the way this is entered is \[Integral] x \[DifferentialD] x)

Out[10]= x^2/2

In[11]:= XML`MathML`ExpressionToMathML[In[10],"Formats"->"PresentationMathML"]

Out[11]= <math xmlns=''>

I was expecting the following output 
(since I asked for the MathML of the In[10] not Out[10]):
<math xmlns=''><mrow><mo>&Integral;</mo><mi>x</mi><mo>&InvisibleTimes;</mo><mrow><mo>&DifferentialD;</mo><mi>x</mi></mrow></mrow></math>


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