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Re: Distinguished logarithm, branch cuts, etc.

> You have to be careful here.
 Provided z[u] can never take on purely
> imaginary
> values possible modification could be
>   (z[u]^2)^(nu/2)*BesselI[nu, z[u]]/(z[u])^nu
> or equivalently
>   BesselI[nu, Sqrt[ z[u]^2] ]
> Oleksandr Pavlyk
> Wolfram Research

Thanks, Oleksandr.

Unfortunately my z[u] spirals around the origin
in the complex z-plane. So purely imaginary values are common.
Here is a somewhat simplified example.
Look at a parametric plot from u = 0 to u=10 for this z[u]:

z[u] = f[u]/f[0],  where

f[u] = E^(20 (Sqrt[1/4 +  (1 - rho^2) u^2 +  I (rho - 1) u] - Sqrt[1-rho^2] 
u ) ),

with say rho = -0.8.

Any suggestions for this type of spiraling z[u]?


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