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MathGroup Archive 2006

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Re: BinomialDistribution

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  • Subject: [mg65224] Re: BinomialDistribution
  • From: bghiggins at
  • Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 03:19:02 -0500 (EST)
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The integration is being killed by round-off error.

Let us examine the distribution function


942094086221309585483304*(1 - u)^75*u^26

There are some pretty big numbers here.

So use exact arithmetic when evaluating the limits of integration by

Integrate[PDF[BinomialDistribution[101, u], 26], {u, 0, 29/100}] // N


Which as you suspoected should be positive



Solomon, Joshua wrote:
> This makes me feel foolish.
> In[1]:=Needs["Statistics`DiscreteDistributions`"]
> In[2]:=Plot[PDF[BinomialDistribution[101,u],26],{u,0,0.5},PlotRange->All]
> This gives me a nice, bell-shaped curve, with a minimum of about 0 and a
> maximum of about .09. Let's integrate it from 0 to .29.
> In[3]:=Integrate[PDF[BinomialDistribution[101,u],26],{u,0,.29}]
> Out[3]=-0.612253
> How can this be negative?

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