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Pen Lift for FlybackTrace erasure

Attempting to plot real/imaginary parts of a complex variable function
, {Re,Im}= f [x,y]. But in what follows,

1) How to  ' lift pen '  for suppressing flyback tracer lines
connecting  between  start/end points of  x and  y set curves?

2) How to combine plotting the sets by a single commad like it is in
Plot3D or ParametricPlot3D?     __   TIA

z = Complex[x,y]  ; f[z_]=Sin[z]; RI =  N[  { Re[f[z]],  Im[f[z]] } ];
XY = Flatten[Table[ RI , {x, -Pi/2, Pi/2,Pi/10}, {y, -Pi/2, Pi/2,Pi/60}
],1] ;
xy = ListPlot[XY,PlotJoined->True,AspectRatio->Automatic];

YX=Flatten[Table[ RI , {y, -Pi/2,Pi/2,Pi/10}, {x, -Pi/2, Pi/2,Pi/60}
],1] ;

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