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Re: Function defined with If

Hi Julian,

Attributes[If] will tell you that If has the attribute HoldRest what 

explains you result. However, I can not explain the meaning of this.


Julian Aguirre wrote:

> Dear group,


> I am trying to define a function of the variables x, y through other

> quantities depending on x and y and the function If. A minimal example

> is


> In[1]:=

> a = x;

> b = y;

> f[ x_, y_ ] = If[ a < b, a, b ]

> Out[3]=

> If[ x < y, a, b ]


> How can I force Mathematica to return If[ x < y, x, y ], as I thought

> it would?


> Thaks in advance,


> Julián Aguirre


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