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RE: Co-Displaying Combinatorica and Graphics Objects


Why don't you give us a complete specific example so that we don't have to
make one up? That increases the change of obtaining an answer.

David Park
djmp at

From: Bruce Colletti [mailto:vze269bv at]
To: mathgroup at

Re Mathematica under WinXP.

Let G1 be a (Combinatorica) Graph object (e.g., G1 = FromOrderedPairs[...]).

Let G2 be any Graphics object, e.g., G2 = Graphics[...].

I want to display G1 and G2 side-by-side via Show@GraphicsArray@{G1, G2},
but can't figure it out:

- G1 isn't a Graphics object (and so my command fails).

- I can display G1 via G3 = ShowGraph@G1, but then Show@GraphicsArray@{G3,
G2} fails (G3 is a symbol).

- Hoping to piece together a Graphics object from FullGraphics@G1, I am
stumped by the embedded Rule object.

Any ideas on how to display these two objects in an array?



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