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Re: Re: Outputting to file with fixed decimal digits

do.not at reply.nonet wrote:
> Larry
> [...]
> I have suggested using the "Floor" function - it's to avoid the
> "Round" function which has the most bizarre definition in Mathematica
> - it doesn't give the same answer every time.
> (Look in "Further Examples" in the Help on "Round")
> It's one reason that makes me think Mathematica is not really
> "Engineering Grade" software and suspicious that there may be more
> weird things that I just haven't come across yet.
> Robert

Here is what I find in Help > Round > Further Examples from version 5.2.

To avoid statistical bias Round alternates between going up and down 
halfway between integers.



The function NumericRound rounds all parts of the numeric coefficients 
of a polynomial.


\!\(NumericRound[\@\[Pi] + \((\[ExponentialE] + a)\)\ x + \((4.3 -
             8.6  \[ImaginaryI]\ )\) x\^3]\)

\!\(1 + \((3 + a)\)\ x + \((4 - 9\ \[ImaginaryI])\)\ x\^3\)


I do not see examples that show changes to their results upon repetition.

Daniel Lichtblau
Wolfram Research

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