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Re: Images chopped during Export

Kentaroh Takagaki wrote:
> Hello Szabolcs,
>      Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, on my system (6.0, Win32),
>           PlotRegion -> {{0.1, 0.9}, {0.1, 0.9}}
> Does not seem to help. 


Unfortunately I don't have any better ideas than PlotRegion ...

> Is the Mathematica Export[] command not capable
> of exporting bitmaps at high resolution, or am I just making some
> mistake? I need to export high resolution bitmaps for publication, to
> take advantage of the new support for transparencies.

It is usually better to export to a vector format (except in the case of 
3D graphics), because it gives a higher quality.  Transparency is 
preserved when the graphics are exported to PDF, and PDF can be directly 
included into LaTeX documents (when compiled with pdfTeX).


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