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Re: row,column question

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  • Subject: [mg73371] Re: row,column question
  • From: Paul Abbott <paul at>
  • Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 05:21:30 -0500 (EST)
  • Organization: The University of Western Australia
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In article <eqs94u$ihh$1 at>,
 John Biddiscombe <biddisco at> wrote:

> If I have a 4x4 matrix and I postmultiply by {{1,0,0,bx}} I actually get 
> something like col1 + bx*col4
> Is there any way of telling Mathematica to show the result in a symbolic form 
> using (for example, rows and columns) in this case.

If mat is an m x n matrix, say

  mat = Table[a[i, j], {i, 3}, {j, 4}];

and b is an n-vector, say

  b = {1,0,0,bx};

and c is an m-vector, say

  c = {2,0,cx};

then, after defining

  cols[mat_] := Array[col, Last@Dimensions[mat]]

  rows[mat_] := Array[row, First@Dimensions[mat]]

which, essentially, replaces the matrix, mat, by a symbolic vector of 
columns or rows, one sees that

  cols[mat] . b

  col[1] + bx col[4]


  c . rows[mat]

  2 row[1] + cx row[3]

does what you want. You can recover the actual matrix entries as

  % /. {row[i_] :> mat[[i, All]], col[j_] :> mat[[All, j]]}


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