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RE: Re: Quick integral.

>There seem to be problems with the notebook you posted that
>make it unreliable to try to evaluate.

That have been fixed, you can access it now here :

>toto[l_] := Sum[dNd=CF=95[l, angle=CF=95[=CE=A8, thc, =
>   AcceptancePMT[angleLightOM[vOM,
>   vlight[thc, =CE=A8, =CE=B8source, l]]], {=CE=A8,
=CF=80/2,2=CF=80,=CF=80= }];
>is only slightly faster, because of the very complicated expression to
>be evaluated, but produces approximately the same result as NIntegrate
>evaluating across the entire interval.

In fact I tried to use Sum, but the time it takes is 4 to 5 times the
time used with Nintegrate.
And if I use Nsum then it is twice quicker than Sum, but still longer
than with Nintegrate.

Thanks for your help, any comments are welcome because I am getting mad
trying to do that quicker...


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