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pursuit curve (differential equations)

hi i am doing pursuit curve in mathematica.. for instance, fox is chasing a
rabbit - rabbit has a certain defined path (for example - a circle
{cos(t),sin(t)}. fox always heads directly toward the rabbit. 

k - relative speed fox/rabbit
p,q - rabbit's path (for instance a circle {cos(t),sin(t)}
x,y - fox's path
t - time :)

soln = NDSolve[
        x'[t] == k.Sqrt[p'[t]^2 + q'[t]^2].(p - x[t])
		/Sqrt[(p - x[t])^2 + (q - y[t])^2],
        y'[t] == k.Sqrt[p'[t]^2 + q'[t]^2].(y - q[t])
		/Sqrt[(p - x[t])^2 + (q - y[t])^2],
        x[0] == poc0[[1]],
        y[0] == poc0[[2]]
      {x[t], y[t]}, {t, t0, t1}];

but this wont work, any suggestions?

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