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Re: Normally Distributed Random Matrix

amitsoni.1984 at wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to create a normally distributed random matrix in Mathematica.
> I'm using the following code in Mathematica 5.2:
> ------------- code -----------------------------
> << Statistics`NormalDistribution`
> n = 500;
> A = RandomArray[NormalDistribution[], {n, n}]
> ------------------------------------------------
> But it is not working even though it worked when I did it earlier on
> Linux. When I enter A it just gives:
> ------------------------------------------------
> A
> RandomArray[NormalDistribution[], {500, 500}]
> ------------------------------------------------
> Can anyone help me with this?
> Thank you,
> Amit

Please provide more information.

1. Did you try quitting the kernel, than re-evaluating these expressions 
(after loading the package, of course)?  Does this happen every time?

2. Do you get any error messages when loading the package?

3. Are RandomArray[] and NormalDistribution[] defined? Try evaluating

If you get no error messages and the problem persists after restarting 
the kernel then your Mathematica installation is most probably damaged.


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