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Re: Format->Magnification does not work

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  • Subject: [mg75658] Re: Format->Magnification does not work
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  • Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 05:47:06 -0400 (EDT)
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On 7 Mai, 11:40, Carl Woll <c... at> wrote:
> Nasser Abbasi wrote:
> >Is this a feature of a bug?
> >It used to be (in 5.2) when I do  Format->Magnification->150%  (say), then
> >the WHOLE notebook will be magnified.
> >Now, when I do the same NOTHING happens. The fonts remain small.
> >One has to first go and select all the cells to be magnified, then do the
> >Format->Magnification->150%, and then only those cells are magnified.
> >I do not understand the logic of this. I guess/I hope,  that there is an
> >option to turn this "feature" off so that magnification will affect the
> >whole notebook as before, I'll go look to see if so.
> >But I think the old way was better. (just like the old help was better)
> >(To the Mathematica engineers: if it AINT broke, please do NOT fix it)
> >Nasser
> If you are using Windows, then there should be a little 100% line on the
> bottom right that you can use to change magnification.
> For other OS's, if that option doesn't exist, then a more tedious method
> is to use the option inspector.
> 1. Start the option inspector
> 2. Change applicability to Selected Notebook.
> 3. Lookup Magnification
> Carl Woll
> Wolfram Research

hi carl,

sorry but working under XP-professional your suggestions don`t work.
yes, i can see the mag percentage at the bottom, yes, i can change the
number, yes, it gets chaged, but sorry to say no effect on the
bad enough the mag seems to be fixed at 80%.

Robert Nowak

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