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Re: MathPlayer???

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  • Subject: [mg75750] Re: MathPlayer???
  • From: Urijah Kaplan <uak at>
  • Date: Wed, 9 May 2007 04:47:22 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: University of Pennsylvania
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Well, I've been burned sending pdfs that look fine on my computer but look 
terrible on another (font issues and whatnot). Page breaks aren't that 
great either. Mathreader also allows you to resize the text to some degree 
(not just zoom in.) Sometimes things don't line up exactly as I expect 
them to either. Are any of these deal-breakers? No.

A little digging revealed to me that you can still download Mathreader
hopefully Wolfram will allow that to stay up there for anyone who still 
needs/wants it.


Murray Eisenberg wrote:
> So just export the notebook to pdf and send that!  Except for not being 
> able to open/close cell groups when reading the file in Acrobat (or 
> other pdf reader), that should be just as good as Mathreader, no?
> Urijah Kaplan wrote:
>> Of course, I understand that. But the fact remains that it is also 
>> supposed to replace Mathreader as a static notebook reader, in which case 
>> it seems a bit overkill. It's now more unlikely for me to send someone a 
>> .nb file and tell them to download MathReader, particularly if I don't 
>> know if they have dial-up or not. At the very least more care should be 
>> expended to make the download smaller--just using 7-Zip (LZMA) compression 
>> would reduce the download by 40%! Perhaps there can be a "minimal" and 
>> "max" download where the min primarily reads .nb files and max reads .nbp 
>> files, and the "min" can dynamically download whatever files it needs to 
>> playback that particular .nbp program.
>> I realize I'm being an ungrateful wretch, since Mathplayer is far, far, 
>> more powerful than MathReader was; still...
>>           --Urijah
>> Murray Eisenberg wrote:
>>> But you're not getting just a front end to read static notebooks. 
>>> You're getting a run-time system, too, for .nbp files.
>>> Urijah Kaplan wrote:
>>>>> It doesn't give me a warm feeling though that the Player installer evidently
>>>>> doesn't install an uninstaller nor does it give Windows enough information
>>>>> to register it in Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs.
>>>>> If my life and/or career depended on my ability to run Mathematica, I'd give
>>>>> it a day or two before installing Player on my 'A' machine.
>>>>> Fred Klingener
>>>> Also, for something that's supposed to replace MathReader from what I 
>>>> understand, the download is rather hefty. (79.9 MB) I managed to 
>>>> recompress it to 47.9 MB with 7-Zip, which would be a good start.

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