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Re: Stopping Automatic Animation in v6

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  • Subject: [mg76765] Re: Stopping Automatic Animation in v6
  • From: "Brian Gladman" <brg at>
  • Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 04:48:58 -0400 (EDT)
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"Jean-Marc Gulliet" <jeanmarc.gulliet at> wrote in message 
news:f38s5g$icv$1 at
> Brian Gladman wrote:
>> I am trying to visualise the exact relationship between some 3D objects 
>> by
>> using Graphics3D to display them.  But as soon as I evaluate the 
>> expression,
>> Mathematica 6 goes into some automated animation mode which destroys the
>> relationship I am trying to set up since I need fixed objects viewed from 
>> a
>> specified and fixed viewpoint.
>> But I cannot find any option in Graphics3D to turn off this automatic
>> animation.  How do I force Graphics£D to display only what is asked for 
>> and
>> not
>> an animation of it?
>> Any help with this would be much appreciated as its proving to be a real
>> pain.
>>    Brian Gladman
> Brian,
> Could you, please, provide an example of an expression that behaves in
> the incriminated way? By default, graphics (2D or 3D) are drawn static.
> For example, evaluating
> Graphics3D[{Blue, Cylinder[], Red, Sphere[{0, 0, 2}], Black, Thick,
>   Dashed, Line[{{-2, 0, 2}, {2, 0, 2}, {0, 0, 4}, {-2, 0, 2}}],
>   Yellow, Polygon[{{-3, -3, -2}, {-3, 3, -2}, {3,
>      3, -2}, {3, -3, -2}}], Green, Opacity[.3],
>   Cuboid[{-2, -2, -2}, {2, 2, -1}]}]
> draws several 3D objects without any animation.

Hi Jean-Marc

Here is an example that shows the issue.

p = {{0, 0, 3 Sqrt[6]}, {-2 Sqrt[3], -6, -Sqrt[6]}, {-2 Sqrt[3],
   6, -Sqrt[6]}, {4 Sqrt[3], 0, -Sqrt[6]}}
Graphics3D[{{Line[{p[[1]], p[[2]]}], Line[{p[[1]], p[[3]]}],
   Line[{p[[1]], p[[4]]}], Line[{p[[2]], p[[3]]}],
   Line[{p[[2]], p[[4]]}], Line[{p[[3]], p[[4]]}]}}]

The very first time this is evaluated after starting up Mathematica, it is 
static but all subsequent evaluations, for example, with a change of one of 
the lines, are then immediately dynamic. That is, animation starts as soon 
as the expression is re-evaluated.  Moreover if I make a change in the 
expression and re-evaluate it, the graphic animation continues from the last 
position it reached and not from the initial position set by the expression 

What I am looking for is a switch to simply say that for this particular 
object animation should not be undertaken.

> Or are you talking about the new real-time feature that allows the user
> to rotate or expand or shrink 3D graphics with the mouse?

I think it is related to this in some way. These are great new capabilities 
but it is not obvious to me how I can switch them on and off.

Thanks for taking an interest in the issue.

   best regards,


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