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Re: Modifying the Default stylesheet?

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  • Subject: [mg81705] Re: Modifying the Default stylesheet?
  • From: David Reiss <dbreiss at>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 05:29:22 -0400 (EDT)
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It is a bead idea to edita any of the stylesheets that are shipped
with mathematica.  You sould definitly create a stylesheet of your

Here is a simple way to do this.  I am sure that there are many other

Chose the base stylesheet that you want for this notebook, for
example, Default.

Open a new notebook and choose "Edit Style Sheet from the Format Menu.

There is a resulting notebook that you can create Private style
definitions for the original notebook.  Call this the "Private

Note that there is already a cell that says "Inheriting the base
defiinitions from the stylesheet "Default.nb" (for your shoice of

Now make the changes  that you wish in this location.  For example, if
you want to change the "Text" style, choose "Text" from the pulldown
menu that says "Choose a style to modify".

Make the changes to the resulting "Text" style cell.

Make any other style changes that you wish to other styles in this

Now copy all of the cells in this notebook including the one that
says  "Inheriting the base defiinitions..."

Open a fresh new notebook.

In this notebook execute the following


Now delet this and its output from this notebook.

Go to the "Private Notebook" and select all of the cells that you
placed in there and copy them.

Now go to the notebook nb and paste these cells there.

In a separate notebook (not in the notebook nb) execute the following:

SetOptions[nb,  StyleDefinitions -> "StylesheetFormatting.nb"]

Now go back to nb and save it to a locatoin on your hard drive=,
giving it a sensible name such as MyStyles.nb.

Now go tot he Palettes menu and choose "Install Palette..."  (yes,
yes, I know...  it shoudl also be on the Format StyleSheet Menu...).

In the resulting dialog choos "Stylesheet" from the pulldown menu, and
choose ""File.." from the source pulldown menu.  In the Install Name
field give youe style a name.  And, finally, choose the radio button
for the Default Installatoin Directory.  Now click "Finish."

The stylesheet will now appear on your Format> Stylsheet menu.

As for your point (2).  No the stylsheet that you are using for a
notebook is not indicated in the Stylsheet submenu.  I think that this
is an oversight and (I think) that I reported it a long while ago.

In A WorkLife FrameWork, the "NotebookS tyles" Palette does indicate
the current stylesheet of a notebook.

Give  A WorkLife FrameWork  a try! There is a 15 day trial license and
I'm happy to extend it once if the 15 days isn't enough.

In fact everyone on this group (who hasn't purchased a license
already!) should give it a try!

The next version will contain tools to create documentation for the
version 6 Documentation Center from convetional Mathematica

A WorkLife FrameWork
E x t e n d i n g MATHEMATICA's Reach...

On Oct 1, 4:58 am, AES <sieg... at> wrote:
> 1)  I do essentially all my notebooks in a single default format or
> stylesheet, which I'd like to edit in some trivial ways (e.g., change
> the working Text font to Helvetica.
> What's the recommended procedure for doing this?  Can I (should I) edit
> the Default.nb file directly?  Or better to create a new myDefault.nb
> style?  How do I do this, and where do I put it?
> [And is there somewhere I can read about this (or actually get a step by
> step description of how to do it) without getting lost deep in a
> sequence of infinitely cascading "Help" files?]
> 2)  As a trivial add-on point: The Format >> Style menu brings up a
> submenu that shows you the Style you (or someone) selected for a given
> cell (the selected Style is checked).  
> The Format >> Stylesheet menu brings up a submenu that *doesn't*
> indicate the Stylesheet that you (or someone) selected for the selected
> notebook (the selected Stylesheet is *not* checked).  
> Why not?

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