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Mathematica 6 specific Import[ ] problem

Hello everybody,

I try to import tab separated data from a filed called bla.txt.
Import["bla.txt","TSV"] works in principle but tries to convert the
file content into  numbers.
One of my entries is the string "1E20", which is falsely converted to
In Mathematica 5 I could say Import["bla.txt","TSV",ConversionOptions-
>{"Numeric"->False}] , but how can I achieve this under Mathematica 6 ??

ConversionOptions doesn't exist anymore and
Import["bla.txt",{"TSV", "Numeric" -> False}]   gives the error:
Numeric->False is not a valid format or element specification.
Expecting a string, list, or integer.

Finally, Import["bla.txt", "TSV", "Numeric" -> False]   is also not
working because Import only accepts 2 arguments.

Any help is welcomed,


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