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Re: question on 2 separate Mathematica instances on the same PC

Hi Nasser,

usually there will be 2 Kernels not disturbing each other. However, what 

I occasionally saw was, that if you kill a kernel and start another one, 

the first does not get killed and the old kernel is still used.

hope this helps, Daniel

Nasser Abbasi wrote:

> Hello;


> If one starts up Mathematica on a windows PC (XP), and then starts another 

> Mathematica (i.e. 2 completely separate Mathematica, not a new notebook 

> within the same Mathematica).  (I think one can start at most 2 per PC, 

> can't check this now).


> My question is that, would the front ends of these 2 instances share the 

> same Kernel? i.e. may be when the second Mathematica comes up, it detects 

> that there is already Mathematica kernel running on the PC, and will use 

> that?


> I am asking because I seem to notice a bit of weirdness when I do the above, 

> something that could be explained by both front ends sharing the same 

> kernel, but it could be my imagination.


> If one brings up 2 Mathematica applications on the same, is there anything 

> they share?


> thanks,

> Nasser 



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