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Re: Re: Can an arrow be drawn on a 3D plot?

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  • Subject: [mg81355] Re: [mg81329] Re: Can an arrow be drawn on a 3D plot?
  • From: DrMajorBob <drmajorbob at>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 03:51:43 -0400 (EDT)
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David's package is awesome. The package functions make many things easy 
that Mathematica still makes hard on its own. Even more important, perhaps, the 
examples explore the boundaries of visual presentation in Mathematica (or any  
environment) and demonstrate, expertly, how to choose and combine graphic  
elements for maximum information content and effect.


On Wed, 19 Sep 2007 04:33:42 -0500, David Park <djmpark at> wrote:

> DrawGraphics has Arrow3D and ArrowCurve3D commands. The following code
> puts
> two arrowcones on the green contour line.
> Needs["DrawGraphics6`DrawingMaster`"]
> f[z_] := z;
> Draw3DItems[
>  {Opacity[0.7, Red],
>   ParametricDraw3D[{Re[z], Im[z], Im[f[z]]} /. z -> r*Exp[I*t], {r, 0,
>      5}, {t, -Pi, Pi}],
>   pts = ParametricDraw3D[{Re[z], Im[z], Im[f[z]]} /.
>       z -> 2*Exp[I*t], {t, -Pi, Pi}] // Extract3DLinePoints;
>   ArrowCurve3D[
>    pts, {0.5, 1.0}, {0.05,
>     PlotStyle -> {Opacity[1, Darker@Green]}}, {AbsoluteThickness[2],
>     Darker@Green}]
>   },
>  Axes -> True,
>  ImageSize -> {500, 500}]
> DrawGraphics is sold for $50. It, of course, has many other features than
> Arrow3D. You can read more about it at my web site. DrawGraphics has now
> been updated to Version 6. Present purchasers can freely update and have
> received email notices to this effect. Some have changed their email
> addresses and did  not receive the notice. If such persons see the notice
> here they may contact me.


DrMajorBob at

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