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Re: git + Mathematica = corrupt notebooks

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  • Subject: [mg81601] Re: git + Mathematica = corrupt notebooks
  • From: ragfield <ragfield at>
  • Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 02:23:59 -0400 (EDT)
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On Sep 28, 1:28 am, Andy Neitzke <neit... at> wrote:
> I'm using Mathematica 6.0.1 on Linux together with the version control
> system "git".  If I
> 1) open some notebook foo.nb,
> and then
> 2) use git to checkout a different revision of the repository, causing the
> disk file foo.nb to be modified,
> rather than warning me that foo.nb has been changed on disk, Mathematica
> appears to keep working as if nothing had happened.  This is fine with me,
> although I believe it is not the intended behavior.  The real problem is that
> after doing 2), when I try to save the notebook, the interface behaves as if
> it has been saved (e.g. the * in the titlebar indicating a modified file
> disappears) but does not modify the disk file foo.nb.  Moreover, if I try to
> save under a different name foo2.nb, then a new file foo2.nb is created, but
> that file contains a corrupt notebook.
> I would be very curious to know whether anyone else has encountered this
> problem and/or knows a workaround.

It appears Mathematica has become confused by the fact that a
different app swapped the file out from underneath it.  You might have
luck setting PrivateNotebookOptions->{"SafeFileSave"->"TempFile"} in
the Option Inspector.


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