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Re: basic questions

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  • Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 07:16:16 -0400 (EDT)
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Hi Markus,

see below.


markus.mooslechner at wrote:

> hi everyone!


> first of all i would like to introduce myself to the list: i work as artist and would describe myself as mathematica noob. being an artist i am mainly engaged in visualizing chaotic systems, such as iterated function systems or time series from experimental data. now, here comes the mathematica bit for which i hope to find some information on this list (at the moment i do not own mathematica but have the chance to use it on one of the machines at the local university (mathematica 6)).


> i would be very happy to find some tips for those basic noob questions:


> - how can i import a 3 column (x,y,z) file into mathematica an do a 3d plot? ps: i managed the 2d version with something like data=Import["file", List] and ListPlot ... or so ...

Imoprting 3D works the same as 2D.

To plot colored points you may e.g. define a function that takes a point 

and returns a color and a point, e.g.:



> - is there an expression that colors certain values from the list with a color of my choice? (eg: the mean values from the list are rendered "red")


> - and number three: how can i tell mathematica to do the following: take an irrational number such as PI. now create a list according to the following rule: 3.14159265 ....->

> x,y,z

> 3,1,4

> 1,5,9

> 2,6,5

> .,.,.

to get triples of digits of Pi you may use RealDigits and Partition:

Partition[RealDigits[Pi,10,30][[1]] ,3]


> looking forward to your tips!

> thank you for your time


> markus






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