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Re: Test for Irreducibility of certain polynomials with

Hi Guillermo,

how can you determine if a polynomial is irreducible if the coefficients 

are unknown? It seems to me that you have to specify d before you can 

say if it is irreducible.

hope this helps, Daniel

Guillermo Pineda Villavicencio wrote:

> Hi there,


>  I want to test the irreducibility of the following polynomials of

> degree r with Mathematica. 


> H[x_,d_] := Sum[(-d + 1)^(j)*Binomial[r - j, j]*x^(r - 2*j), {j, 0, (r -

> 1)/2}]


>  I use the Mathematica function



> IrreducibleQ[p_?PolynomialQ,Modulus->m_]:=Module[{f=FactorList[p,Modulus->m]},

>     Total[Last/@DeleteCases[f,{_Integer,_Integer}]]==1

>   ]


>  But I want Mathematica to consider H[x,d] as a function in x (not in x

> and d). Is it possible???


>  Best regards,

> Guillermo


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