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Re: Vector file out of Mathematica?


that is the dark side of the nice new graphics. When there
is shading/vector normals ... Mathematica will only create
bitmaps. But if you  try

Plot3D[Sin[x*y], {x, 0, Pi}, {y, 0, Pi}, NormalsFunction -> None]

my Corel Draw Copy/Paste 19596 objects, as vector data.


Steve Gray wrote:
> 	I need to do editing on some Graphic3D objects created in Mathematica.
> If I do CopySpecial > metafile or Export["foo.emf", gr3D] (where gr3d
> = Graphics3D[...]) and paste or open it in Corel Draw or Adobe
> Illustrator, it looks like a very crude bitmap. I need to have it be a
> vector file so resolution is preserved. How can I export a vector file
> from Mathematica that is in some standard format that common vector software
> can deal with? If some lighting or shading effects are lost, that
> would be ok.
> Steve Gray

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