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Re: SetOptions[TableForm] doesn't seem to work?

AES wrote:
> I'm puzzled as to why 
>    SetOptions[TableForm,TableSpacing->{1,5}]
> doesn't seem to have the desired effect on tables created in subsequent 
> cells using
>    TableForm[Table[ --- ]]
> even though Options[TableForm] shows the TableSpacing as having been 
> increased, and even though copying and pasting the TableSpacing->{1,5} 
> string into the appropriate place in these subsequent TableForm[] cells 
> produces the desired result.

SetOptions doesn't seem to be working for TableForm at all. In addition 
to your example, I tried


to no effect, though putting TableDirections->Row into a TableForm[] 
does work.

I have gone over completely to Grid since v.6, though, and probably 
haven't used TableForm in more than a year. Grid is much more flexible 
than TableForm, and I haven't found any need for TableForm now that Grid 
is available.

My only complaint about Grid is the lack of something analogous to 
TableHeadings. Of course I can Join tables to make my own row or column 
labels, but it would be nice (especially for my students, who find 
joining tables together a bit of a pain) if Grid itself had optional 
RowLabels and ColumnLabels. Still, it has been worth it to switch over 
to Grid, and I don't even tell my students about TableForm anymore.

Helen Read
University of Vermont

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