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Re: Re: Nested Grids

Unless you're working at a VERY small magnification and so cannot see 
it, the solution proposed does NOT completely fill the cell in position 
{1,1} with the embedded Grid: it leaves a blank space between the top of 
the frame of the embedded Grid and the top Frame of the enclosing Grid.

Bob Hanlon wrote:
> This solution is not general but works for your example.
> Grid[{
>   {Grid[{{a, b}, {c, d}},
>     Frame -> All,
>     Background -> Orange], e},
>   {f, g}},
>  Frame -> All,
>  Spacings -> {0, 0},
>  ItemSize -> All]
> Bob Hanlon
> ---- David Park <djmpark at> wrote: 
>> Nested Grids would seem to be a very useful construct because subportions of 
>> a large grid could be independently developed. However, I have been studying 
>> the tutorial/GridsRowsAndColumns and it has only one example and that 
>> example hides a defect. Here is the slightly modified example with Frames 
>> added for all elements:
>> Grid[{{Grid[{{a, b}, {c, d}}, Frame -> All, Background -> Orange],
>>    e}, {f, g}},
>>  Frame -> All]
>> The problem is that the nested Grid does not fill its space. If we use 
>> Dividers -> Central, they also do not fill to the edges of the containing 
>> item. It seems that we need something like an ImageMargins option, but that 
>> is not available. Is there an easy method to get nested grids to fill their 
>> space in the enclosing grid? Is there a hard way?
>> -- 
>> David Park
>> djmpark at

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