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Function Works in Notebook NOT Package

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  • Subject: [mg86518] Function Works in Notebook NOT Package
  • From: Andrew Beveridge <acbev at>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 04:29:41 -0500 (EST)

Any help would be appreciated.

I am using Mathematica 5.2.

I wrote a function that compares rows in a 2D array. If the 
individual values of the rows are within some tolerance, for example 
15%, it is considered a match.

Since I do not know many elements will be in each row, I had to write 
a conditional for any value of elements. There is probably a better 
way of doing this, any suggestions welcomed.

Anyway the following function works fine IF I evaluate it in a 
Notebook. When I try to place it in a package file it does not work. 
It appears the replacement rules are not working.

Why does not it work in the package file?


PreliminaryAlignment[x_List, percentTolerance_] :=
   Module[ {ListLength,numLength, correctForm,numData,
    blankTable,lowerLimit, upperLimit, conditionalTable,stringConditional},

     correctForm =SameQ@@(Length/@x);
     numData = Rest/@x;
     numLength = First[ListLength];
     lowerLimit = ToString[ 1 - percentTolerance];
     upperLimit = ToString[1 + percentTolerance];

     If[correctForm=== False, Return[$Failed],

       blankTable =  "z:Table[_, {"<>ToString[numLength]<>"}]";
       conditionalTable =
     Table["LessEqual[Times["<>lowerLimit<>",Part[kkk, j, " <> ToString[i] <>
     "]], Part[z," <> ToString[
       i] <> "], Times["<>upperLimit<>", Part[kkk, j, "<>ToString[i]<>"]]]
     "  , {i,1,numLength}]  ;

       stringConditional =
           MakeExpression[  blankTable <> "/; And[" <> \
StringReplace[ToString[conditionalTable]<> "]", {"{"\[Rule] " ",
       "}"\[Rule] ""} ] ] ;

       Union[ Table[Flatten[
       Position[numData,  ReleaseHold[
         stringConditional/.{kkk\[Rule] numData,j\[Rule]l} ] ] ],{l,1,
           Length[numData]} ]  ]



Andrew C Beveridge
MS M888
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM  87545

e-mail: acbev at

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