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Re: Re: Update 6.0.2

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  • Subject: [mg86669] Re: [mg86623] Re: Update 6.0.2
  • From: "Richard Palmer" <rhpalmer at>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 00:22:42 -0500 (EST)
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Flame on David.

The latest roll out was handled poorly.  WR can reach every customer
with an email.  They did not.  Apparently, there is / was a bug in the
MAC version of the release so I was not notified.  This is not
withstanding the fact that I also own  the PC version of the software.
 When I sent an email to tech support asking how to get a copy of the
new release, I got an email (after three days) telling me that they
did not handle those questions and that they were forwarding the email
to another department.

As a customer, I have little or no concern about how WR manages itself
internally.  I would have been satisfied with an email telling me what
was going on with an assurance that I would be notifed when the
software was ready for distributioin.  What I got was a "not my job"
response that almost always indicates problems in the way the company
is organized to deal with it's customers.

If you want to defend WR by calling me absurd, that is your business.
However, there are a lot of people in the world that do not want to
deal  with that kind of customer service.  They probably won't be
dissuaded  from their opinions  by people calling them absurd.

Regards anyway,


On 3/15/08, David Bailey <dave at> wrote:
> Richard Palmer wrote:
> > The roll out of 6.0.1 is not being handled very well -- even for
> > premier customers.   As of the end of last week, there is no
> > discussion of the new release at the premier section of the website
> > and there has been no communication to premier service customers about
> > what is going on.
> >
> > WR is acting like a company with severe internal problems.  I don't
> > know whether they are getting them from growth or if something else is
> > going on.  They appear to be very unprepared on the customer service
> > and tech support side for the 6.x release.  It's very sad.
> >
> > Bottom line -- it's a great product, but it isn't ready for large
> > scale development work.
> What an absurd over reaction (as well as your muddle over the version
> number). I presume the new release gets mentioned on the site after
> everyone has been informed. I would far rather download approximately
> 400 MB of code at a time when the server is not overloaded - even if
> that means that I  wait a day or two more.
> I can't see what relevance a short delay like that has to do with
> Mathematica's suitability for development work!
> David Bailey

Richard Palmer

Home 508 877-3862
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