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RE: Re: Constructing a Label

Hello AES

Is this the option you are looking for?
This is the documentation for that option:

It can be used as an option of Style[], which in turn can be used inside
Export[]. For example:

    Join[{{"Input", "Output"}},
     Table[foo[i, j], {i, 1, 3}, {j, 1, 3}]], Frame -> All],
   ShowStringCharacters -> False]]]

If you execute the previous code without the =
then the ugly quote marks will appear in the exported PDF.

Hope that helps


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I remember some time back constructing Plots with Labels using some not
overly complex string capabilities such that the labeled plots displayed =

perfectly well on screen, and looked just as I wanted them to look.

When I named these labeled plots, however, and exported or saved them to =

PDF files using one or another of the available Export or Save As
commands, the labels in the PDF file were surrounded with explicit left
and right double quote marks which were not there in the on-screen
display (the Label string was otherwise unaltered).

Have you encountered this problem?  There was some arcane option that
had to be invoked in the Label command to stop this happening, which
I've since misplaced.  Do you recall what this was?

Thanks for any info.

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