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Re: Creating a Banner for presentation

David who is so good at FE programming will probably come out with a 
detailed answer, but in case, this does the job:
 DockedCells -> Cell[BoxData[ToBoxes[rose]], TextAlignment -> Center]]

The answer lies in what Cell accepts as content (see documentation). There 
might be a simpler way using the GraphicsData["type",data] as cell content, 
but a 3min search in the documentation gave no info about what "type" should 
be for the rose image...  Guessing and using Graphics["Raster",rose]  gives 
a grey box... But the  BoxData[ToBoxes[...]] way does the job.

Guy Lamouche

"Alexei Boulbitch" <Alexei.Boulbitch at> wrote in message 
news:gfubvf$eh3$1 at
> Dear David,
> This is indeed a very good thing to be able to do. For this reason I would 
> like to ask you to explain more about it.
> What I am missing is to be able to include an image as a banner cell, 
> rather than only a text. I tried the following:
> rose = Import["ExampleData/rose.gif"];
> SetOptions[EvaluationNotebook[],
> DockedCells -> {Cell[Graphics[rose], "Title"]}]
> or
> SetOptions[EvaluationNotebook[],
> DockedCells -> {FEPrivate`FrontEndResource["FEExpressions",
>    "SlideshowToolbar"],
>   Cell[rose, "Section", TextAlignment -> Center]}]
> but this does not work. Could you please give a tip?
> Best, Alexei
>>Just a small (but important) update to my previous post on this.  here
>>is a more useful template for how to go about this since it includes
>>the slide navigation elements:
> >DockedCells -> {FEPrivate`FrontEndResource["FEExpressions",
>  >  "SlideshowToolbar"],
>   >Cell["this is it", "Section", TextAlignment -> Center]}]
> On Nov 16, 7:03 am, RG <gobithaa... at> wrote:
>> Dear experts,
>> I'm trying to make a powerpoint like presentation using Mathematica 6, 
>> bu=
> t i
>> can't find any explaination in documentation on how to create banners
>> for my presentation. Nice example can be found 
>> at:http://library.wolfram.=
> com/infocenter/Conferences/7002/.
>> Thanking you in advance,
>> jetro
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