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Re: How can I do a "grep -v" equivalent in Import[]?

On 9/9/08 at 6:56 AM, jasonbrent at (Jason Ledbetter) wrote:

>I've done the following:

>importTemp = Import[ToFileName[Directory[], "input.txt"],
>{"Lines"}]; regexMatch = "^\d{2}.*"; sysstat =
>StringCases[importTemp, RegularExpression[regexMatch]];

>which gets me ALMOST what I'm looking for.... I end up with the the
>non-matched lines being empty data sets which Part:partw doesn't

>e.g. output is like this:

>{{}, {}, {"24"}, {"29"}, ...

This last is easily dealt with using DeleteCases

That is if

StringCases[importTemp, RegularExpression[regexMatch]]

produces the output you showed then

DeleteCases[StringCases[importTemp, RegularExpression[regexMatch]],{}]

will produce

{{"24"}, {"29"}, ...

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