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Re: release memory

Here is an example program that fails to release the memory:

In[1]:= $HistoryLength = 0;
tbl = Table[{r, t}, {t, 0, 1, 1/1000}, {r, 0, 1, 1/1000}];

Out[3]= 188 184 024

Out[4]= 94 058 160

In[5]:= ClearAll[tbl]; MemoryInUse[] 

Out[5]= 9 885 560

First notice that the numbers shown by ByteCount and MemoryInUse are inconsistent ???

Anyways, after ClearAll, the MemoryInUse decreased with about 85 MB indeed but Windows Task Manager does not show any decrease of the used RAM memory, nor increase in the free memory ....

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