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Making your own Definitions using Operators without built in meanings

In the BasicTypsetting pallete , under Operators, there is the 'x' 
symbol (small 'x', 2nd 'x' in the row ) which is defined as Cross...and 
also, there is CenterDot next to it which is not defined at all...

First, I wonder why the small 'x' is pre-defined as Cross whereas 
CenterDot is not pre-defined as Dot?.....I would have assumed that 
neither be defined or both be defined...

2nd....the Documentation shows how to define CenterDot as Dot , 
no problem there....however, if I combine Del from the Pallette with 
either the small 'x' or the CenterDot, e.g.

Del CenterDot f_:=Div[f], .....then I get an error message that Del 
cannot be followed by CenterDot f_..........

and the same if I define.....

Del 'x' f_:=Curl[f]

Is there a way to do these??...

thank you....Jerry Blimbaum

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