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Re: Slow start to AstronomicalData[]David Bailey,

Chonny wrote:
>> My solution was to collect the data I needed, and save it in a file.
>> Then the program read the file at startup, rather than calling the
>> relevant .....Data function.
>> David Bailey
> Thanks, David.  In this case there are functions as well as data,
> though...  Unless I looped to compute solar position vs time-of-day,
> date, lat, and long, and interpolated (yuch).
> We have some separate Fortran/C routines for computing solar position,
> so I'll probably end up either making command-line utils from them
> (and calling from Mathematica), or recoding them in Mathematica itself.
You could dump the function definition - maybe with a change of name - 
to a file and retrieve that.

David Bailey

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