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Re: Package won't load after v.7 upgrade


As a general rule you **never** want to put your applications within
the directory.  This modifies your Mathematica
application itself and, when you upgrade your Mathematica version
everything that you place there will be removed.  Rather you want to
put it in:

ToFileName[{$UserAddOnsDirectory, "Applications"}]

This directory is persistent through upgrades to Mathematica and is
always contained in $Path.

I hope thei helps.


On Aug 4, 4:26 am, Porscha Louise McRobbie <pmcro... at> wrote:
> I should add to my previous message that I also checked the global  
> variable $Path, and didn't see the path to my AddOn listed there. I  
> tried  using
> Prepend[$Path,"/Applications/"]
> After which when I type $Path I do see the path to my AddOn. However,  
> it still won't load.
> Thanks,
> Porscha

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