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Re: Dynamically create array and display data graphically

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  • Subject: [mg102537] Re: Dynamically create array and display data graphically
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  • Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 04:37:31 -0400 (EDT)
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On Aug 11, 6:01 pm, Tuhina Singh < at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Please bear with me if you find this a simplistic problem. Just learning to find my way around mathematica.
> b = Import["C:\Practice\example1.xls",{"Data",1}]  (* Import file - several columns of data with first row having headers *)
> Manipulate[Manipulate[DateListPLot[{Take[b,{2,p}][[All,a]]}, {{2009,7,8},Automatic,"Day"},Joined->True],{p,2,35,1}],{a,2,5,1}]
> In this code, I am able to specify the column I want displayed using the outer manipulate fn, and the inner manipulate function changes the number of rows of data displayed.
> Now I want to change this function so that the outer manipulate fn specifies the "number of columns" to be displayed. So that if a = 3, I see three series in the graph with "p" rows of data shown in the graph.
> I tried the following with no success:
> Manipulate[{Do[col[[x]]= DateListPLot[{Take[b,{2,35}][[All,x]]}, {{2009,7,8},Automatic,"Day"},Joined->True, DisplayFunction->Identity],{x,2,a,1}],
> Do[Show[col[[x]], DisplayFunction->$DisplayFunction],{x,2,a,1}]}, ,{a,2,5,1}]
> Was basically trying to loop  "a" times to dynamically create an array of dimension [a, 35] and then display them all together using Show function . But value of "a" doesn't get passed on and I believe use of the Do loop is also wrong here.
> Thanks for ur help.
> Regards,
> Tuhina
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> Tuhina Singh
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A couple of quick suggestions:

1. You shouldn't need to nest Manipulate like this -- rather, you can
include both variables (p,a) in the same call to Manipulate.

2. Unless you are using an old version (< 6) of Mathematica (which,
judging from the use of Manipulate isn't the case?), using Show inside
a Do loop won't work (IIRC there was a post on this recently that may
be helpful) -- instead you should use a Table. In the same way, the
use of DisplayFunction is no longer necessary.


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