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Re: Log[x]//TraditionalForm

U¿ytkownik "Murray Eisenberg" <murray at> napisa³ w wiadomo¶ci 
news:gmgv0g$33k$1 at
> So far as I have seen, almost any recently published, high-selling
> textbook in calculus -- as distinct from advanced calculus or analysis
> -- aimed at the U.S. market uses ln rather than log for the natural
> logarithm.
> No wonder students are confused when they go on to a more advanced
> course and suddenly it's log, not ln.
> Then of course there's the issue that computer scientists often use log
> to mean base-2 log.

Question: how high-selling must be a book in USA to *prove* that pi is equal 
exactly 3 ?

What is a criteria for "advanced book"? Answer: useage Log instead ln...

What have AMS estabilished about ln/log notation?


BTW, SQR is the square-root in BASIC, but  SQR is the square of a number in 

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