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Re: Manipulate, Export, .avi, forward run without the

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  • Subject: [mg95210] Re: [mg95123] Manipulate, Export, .avi, forward run without the
  • From: Alexei Boulbitch <Alexei.Boulbitch at>
  • Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 06:28:05 -0500 (EST)

Hi, Murat,

I propose that you export Animate, rather than Manipulate. In this case you get several 
options controlling your movie. In particular, I would recommend to use the following options:
AnimationRate -> M, 
DisplayAllSteps -> True, 
AnimationDirection ->Forward, 
AnimationRunning -> True
in the operator Animate. If the animation parameter runs from 1 to K with step 1, you determine M as K/M=30.
The panel may be removed by the option Paneled->False. Mathematica does not like this option and often marks it 
in red, but obeys though.
 How to remove a slider when using Animate or Manipulate - is a good question. I do not know. 

	There is an alternative possibility, which I prefer. You may create a table of graphics and then directly 
export it as say, avi file. In this case you may use the option "FrameRate"->P of the operator Export which 
then creates a movie with P frames per second. Then you may easily calculate P to make the movie duration 
equal to 30 seconds by knowing the total number of the graphs in your table. 

	Just to illustrate:

 (* Begin of an example  *)

(* This is a function to show:  *)

z2[x_, y_] := (1 - 0.62*y/Power[x^2 + y^2, (4)^-1])*
   Exp[-0.15*Sqrt[x^2 + y^2]];

(* This is the definition of an image. Here v is a parameter both changing and enumerating different images  *)

image[v_] := 
  Plot3D[3*z2[x, y]*(1 - v^2)*Exp[-0.15*x*v], {x, -10, 4}, {y, -4, 
    4}, PlotStyle -> {Opacity[0.9]}, 
   PlotRange -> {{-10, 4}, {-4, 4}, {0, 5}}, AspectRatio -> 0.8, 
   ColorFunction -> "Rainbow", Mesh -> None, Boxed -> False, 
   Ticks -> None, AxesLabel -> {"x", "y", "\[Eta]"}, 
   AxesStyle -> Directive[Large], 
   ViewPoint -> {15*Sin[1.4]*Cos[-2.5 Pi/4], 
     15 Sin[1.4]*Sin[-2.5 Pi/4], 15*Cos[1.4]}, ImageSize -> 500];

(* This creates a table of 40 images. Here you play with its length  *)

a3 = Table[image[v], {v, 0, 1, 0.025}];

(* This exports the table as an avi file which theoretically should play 40/3=13 seconds *)
(* Play with the FrameRate here  *)

Export["Full_path_to_your_target_folder\a3.avi", a3, "FrameRate" -> 3]

(* End of the example  *)

As the result you will get in your target folder a stay-alone
a3.avi file without any panel or slider. Just copy and try up.

Another such example has been already discussed concerning rotation of a 3D graphics.
You may find it here:

Have fun :-) , Alexei


I successfully created a movie using_  

Export[=E2=80=9Cmovie.avi=E2=80=9D,data,=E2=80=9D AnimationDuration=E2=80=

data is actually a Manipulate command; 

data=Manipulate[GraphicsColumn[ {A[[i]],B[[i]]} ,{i,1,dim,1}]

However, I haven't figured out; 
1)	showing only the forward loop of the movie in 30 sec (AnimationDuration). Export automatically creates forward and backward sequences and 
2)	I don't want to include any Sliders in the movie for presentatio n purposes (like in the Hide Controls option). 

Do you know which commands I should add to reach my goal in the Export or Manipulate command? 
I searched the Documentation Center and MathGroupArchive but I couldn't come up with the answer.
I am currently using V6.0 although my institution has all the licenses including V7. I am waiting for a new machine to separately run V7 if it has the necessary options.
Thanks-- Murat

Alexei Boulbitch, Dr., Habil.
Senior Scientist

ZAE Weiergewan
11, rue Edmond Reuter
L-5326 Contern

Phone: +352 2454 2566
Fax:   +352 2454 3566


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