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Is Maximize limited?

I was fiddling around with a simple maximization problem which boiled 
down to something like:

In[3]:= Maximize[a + Sin[x], x]

Out[3]= Maximize[a + Sin[x], x]

Even adding a constraint it is still puzzled:

In[5]:= Maximize[{a + Sin[x], a > 0}, x]

Out[5]= Maximize[{a + Sin[x], a > 0}, x]

Or nudging it along even more:

In[6]:= Maximize[{a + Sin[x], a > 0, 0 <= x <= Pi}, x]

Out[6]= Maximize[{a + Sin[x], a > 0, 0 <= x <= Pi}, x]

This seems like a problem it should easily be able to figure out; is 
there a trick I'm missing with Maximize?

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