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Re: Style for function calls?



k @ 1~ g ~2 // f

and think if you would not prefer the g[], f[]. k[]
version of the syntax. Some notations like the infix
for Plus[] are historical motivated. But if you write
a new function you have no historical reason to use this


Erik Max Francis wrote:
> I'm fairly new to Mathematica and have a style question rather than a 
> functionality question.
> I'm aware with the operator forms for Postfix (//), Prefix (@), and 
> Infix (~), and I've found the // operator useful for piping long results 
> through the ...Form functions, or N, or the like, as a quick 
> afterthought while typing a lot of stuff.
> What are the analogous situations where @ or ~ are used?  Looking at 
> random notebooks around I've from time to time seen them used but there 
> doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason; it's not clear when 
> stylistically they'd be useful, as opposed to the // operator, which I 
> can see and use myself.

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