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Re: font size

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  • Subject: [mg97483] Re: font size
  • From: Bob F <deepyogurt at>
  • Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 05:37:17 -0500 (EST)
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On Mar 13, 3:52 am, "minimus" <spammergetthisem... at> wrote:
> Can someone tell me how to make the input output text, formulas, etc bigg=
> in font?
> I used to use the magnification but doing it every time I use mathematica=
> tiring now.

You could try a couple of things. One involves setting the Global
Preference value of "Magnification" and the other involves changing
the font sizes of styles. I will explain the first, and you can read
on your wown about how to do the second if this is not what you are
looking for.

To set the magnification -- use the "Option Inspector" to set the
default "Magnification" parameter to something larger than the default
value of 1. (or 100%).

To use the Option Inspector, click on the "Format/Option Inspector"
menu, then click on the "Global Preferences" for scope and
"alphabetical" for viewing mode then type in magnification (magn is
enough to find this parameter) in the input cell and then change it's
value (on my Mac there were 2 of these, one is for printing and one is
for the screen - change the one that doesn't have to do with
printing). I did this on a Mac version of Mathematica 7.0.1 - I think
the Windows (and others?) works slightly different, but can't recall
for sure.

Keep in mind that this "Magnification" can be reset in a notebook, so
this is not an absolute solution.

Also, when the default magnification is changed like this, the
magnification values that are at the bottom of a notebook window need
to be multiplied by the new global magnification value you just set.
For example if the global magnification number were set to 1.5 (150%)
then the "real" magnification is the product of these two numbers or
1.5 (100% x 1.5 = 150%). If you wanted to go back to the former size
of 100% temporarily, you would need to set the notebook percentage to
66% (66% x 1.5 = 100%). Another by-product of setting this
magnification to 150% is that some palettes may grow in size (but I
think this is a bug) and the Documentation window will not open with a
window wide enough to display everything so a bit of clipping on the
left and right takes place - but you can change the width of the
window to be able to display everything (and the height also).

Hope that helps ... Also be careful of what you do in the Option
Inspector, as certain mistakenly set parameters can be difficult to
recover from.


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