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Re: pdf export problem

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  • Subject: [mg98045] Re: pdf export problem
  • From: Bob F <deepyogurt at>
  • Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 02:41:49 -0500 (EST)
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On Mar 27, 4:35 am, David Elbert <elb... at> wrote:
> Hello All-
> I have been having problems exporting notebooks to pdf and was hoping  
> someone might have some insight.  I submitted a support request to  
> Wolfram, but have not heard back.
> Quick background:  Mathematica 7.0.0; Macintosh Front End (OS X Leopard=
> Quick summary:  I am writing "handouts" for distribution in a math/
> stats class.  Some characters disappear when converting to pdf.  
> Example that has been vexing me lately is the less-than-or-equal-to  
> sign (unicode character 2264, I think).  I just get blank spaces in  
> its place.
> My theories (obviously wrong or I wouldn't be here asking!):  I  
> thought it was a problem with font installations, but I have tried  
> different fonts without success.  I also have noted that the problem =
> occurs when the cells are "text" style, but goes away if I make the  
> cell "equation" style.  I can't decide if there is a problem in the  
> style definitions, a bug that improperly defines fonts (and/or misses  
> embedding) into pdf, or something to do with "high" unicode characters.
> Apologies if my perusal of the archives has missed another discussion  
> of this issue, but thanks to anyone who can offer any insight or  
> help.  I thought such font problems were well in my past, but no such =
> luck.
> Thanks-
> David
> David Elbert
> Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences &
> Environmental Science and Policy Program
> Johns Hopkins University
> 3400 N. Charles St
> Baltimore, MD 21218
> elb... at


Well I can see your problem now. The difference from what I did and
what you did (and this is a guess), is that I created my test cells
with the less than as an Input cell and then changed the style to
Text. So I created another test case with the cell being created as a
Text cell initially, and sure enough it shows the problem.

So two workarounds are available:

1. Create your cells as Input and convert them to Text with the Format/
Style/Text command
2. Use another type of less than, e.g. \LessSlantEqual which does not
seem to have the same problem.

Wolfram, you have a bug - IMHO. Because the problem does not occur in
both types of Cells (Input and Text), I sure would guess the problem
is Mathematica's and not a PDF/Adobe problem.


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