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Re: Problem with Screen Environment

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  • Subject: [mg104510] Re: Problem with Screen Environment
  • From: David Reiss <dbreiss at>
  • Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2009 17:59:28 -0500 (EST)
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There is a bug that I have encountered (and duly reported) where the
styles of all notebooks in a Mathematica session become "generic"
essentially all cells become text-like: i.e. there is a global loss of
style sheet information.  The problem is fixed by a restart of
Mathematica.  It occurs rather randomly.  It **seems** to be related
to using the Documentation Center when one has a notebook also open
that has a private style sheet.  But it also seems to depend on the
set of interactions with Mathematica that have taken place, and I've
never created a strict deterministic set of actions that can replicate
it.  I did however send in a detailed bug report.  is this the sort of
thing that your user is experiencing?

Best regards,


On Nov 1, 4:11 am, Helen Read <h... at> wrote:
> I have a user in my department who has had a bizarre problem with
> Mathematica over the last few weeks (running 7.0.1 on Windows XP). He
> will have Mathematica open and all is well, then leave to go to class or
> whatever. Sometimes when he returns, Input cells are missing from the
> Format->Style menu (other cell types are there). Pre-existing Input
> cells in existing notebooks are not recognized as such (despite
> appearing to be an Input cell if you open with Shift-Ctrl-E) and nothing
> evaluates. It does not seem possible to insert new input cells in either
> existing notebooks or a new notebook. We also discovered that the Screen
> Environment is set to Slideshow when this problem happens, and all of
> the other options (Working, etc.) are missing from the Format->Screen
> Environment menu.
> We have tried replacing the init.m files, etc., which did not help any.
> Uninstalling and reinstalling Mathematica fixes the problem, but only
> temporarily. We have uninstalled and resinstalled several times, but the
> problem continues to recur. Today we uninstalled (again), and then
> deleted all of the Mathematica folders (from the user's profile, the All
> Users profile, and from Program Files), rebooted for good measure, then
> reinstalled Mathematica, and *still* the problem returned.
> We don't know of anything that would be peculiar to this particular user
> that would be causing this.
> We have contacted Wolfram Tech Support (and await a reply), but
> meanwhile, has anyone else seen this or have any idea what might be
> causing it?
> --
> Helen Read
> Department of Mathematics & Statistics
> University of Vermont

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