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Fyi, Listing of Mathematica 7 functions (1869 functions)

I've update my Mathematica history table with a new listing of Mathematica 7 
functions (not just the symbols).
These are anything in Mathematica System context which has the form 

I want to thank John Fultz for his hint in another posting in this newsgroup 
to use the Usage message from ? and look for anything that starts with this 

I obtain 1869 functions.

Since what I find is somewhat less what it is supposed to be (close to 
2,500) according to WRI blog here

I could only suggest as one of the following for this difference:

1. I have a bug in my processing of the usage messages and parsing it.

2. There are more functions that have a usage message which do not follow 
the patten which starts by name[..]. Notice that the "name" must start at 
the first position of the line. If it does it, the line is not matched.

3. I count the function one time, even though its usage message can list the 
function more than one time due to different number of arguments it can be 
called with. (for example ?BarChart will show 3 usage message, I count this 
one time ofcourse).

I have put the complete listing, and described how I did this in the 
notebook in the table page here

Look for the column which says "Number of functions and Listing of 
Mathematica functions generated using the message usage method"

If you think there is problem with how I am doing this, please let me know, 
and I will fix it.

Too many functions, too little time !


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