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Sound Functions Crash Kernel


I just installed Mathematica home edition V7.0.1 on my Vista Ultimate
SP2 machine running on an I7 that uses Realtek Audio.

When I did the install the installer reported quite a few files that
it claimed to be corrupt that I allowed it to ignore.    This is in
itself is a bit disconcerting.

Most of them were .nb files and I figure that wouldn't hurt anything.
Two were .dlls that appear to be part of the Intel MKL package.  mkl-
lapack.dll and mkl-vml-p4.dll.

System works fine but every time I try to view audio with any use of
Play[] even with the supplied demos or by trying to Import a .wav file
the kernel crashes with a beep

"The kernel Local has quit (exited) during the course of an

Input seems to be anything for instance ( Play[Sin [2 Pi 440 t], {t,
1, 5}] )

Is there any way to troublshoot this kind of thing?



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