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Re: Mathematica skill level snippet(s)

In article <hdqb2s$6mn$1 at>, fd <fdimer at> wrote:

> Most of the complains about documentation, from my part, are when it
> is too brief and does not contain many examples. In the ColorFunction
> case I mention above, for example, the documentation gives you how to
> retrieve all available options, but it is concealed - personally I
> would show emphasize this a lot more, but the Mathematica developers
> surely have a different set of personal preferences, so I do not
> complain about it.

I certainly recall a while back wanting to try our a variety of 
different ColorFunctions so I could find an optimal choice for a series 
of plots I was making, and finding the whole topic very complex and 
arcane, and the process of finding or creating demos of different 
functions very much of a hassle.

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